Laundry prices

Our top quality service is offered at great value for money, with pricing by the kilogram, as well as special deals for certain items.

9 to 5 Shirt offer


We get you through the working week with our 9 to 5 shirt offer. We will wash, dry, iron, hang and cover 5 shirts for just £10. You can just drop them to us, or we can collect and deliver them to your door. Let us take care of the washing and ironing stress of your 9 to 5.


  • Special offer: Recommend to a friend and get 2 kilograms of ironing free!
  • Washing, drying, dry cleaning, ironing, pressing and starching offered.
  • Convenient pick-up and drop-off service available to Hull and surrounding areas from £5.
  • We can weight your laundry and give a price on pickup.
  • Two day turn-around and delivery.
  • Clothing returned on hangars, in polythene bags.
  • Best quality detergent used.
  • Cutting edge washers, dryers and steam irons.


Ironing by weight

£4 per Kilogram

Shirts are £2.25 each

On hangars and in polythene bags.

(shirts may not be part of ironing by weight)

Bedding items

Including pillow cases

Cot £2.50

Single £3.95

Double £5.95

King Size £7.95

Super King £9.95

Cot £1.00

Single £1.95

Double £2.95

King Size £3.95

Super King £4.95

Single £2.50

Double £3.50

King Size £4.50

Super King £5.50

Cot  £2.00

Single £3.50

Double £4.95

King size £6.95

Super King £8.95

Wash, dry and fold

Large Load (10kg to 18Kg)    £14

Small load (up to 9Kg)   £10

Bed Throws £8.00 to £15.00

Sleeping Bags £8.00 to £12.00

Mattress Toppers £12.00 to £20.00

Cot £6.00

Single £10.00

Double £14.00

King Size £17.00

Super King £20.00

Cot £8.00

Single £12.50

Double £17.00

King Size £19.00

Super King £22.50

Face Cloth £0.40

Hand Towel £0.50

Bath Towel £1.00

Bath Sheet £1.75

Wash, dry and iron

Shirts for your working week

Five shirts washed, dried, ironed, hung and covered


Cot (x1 pillow) £3.95

Single (x1 pillow) £4.95

Double (x2 pillow) £5.95

King Size (x2 pillow) £6.95

Super King (x2 Pillow) £7.95

We know you won’t want all of your washing ironed. So we charge for washing and ironing seperatly to save you money.

Including sheets

Cot £3.00

Single £4.95

Double £6.95

King Size £8.95

Super King £10.95